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Texas Instruments 4k Pro UHD 5000

R 69,000.00
  • Texas Instruments 4k Pro UHD 5000

Cinema Architects

Texas Instruments 4k Pro UHD 5000

R 69,000.00

The smallest 4k 5000ANSI Lumens projector on the market today!

The UHD 5000 has a maximum brightness of 5000 lumens and can project a 100" image from 9.4 to 15.2' from your screen or wall to offer placement versatility.

It uses XPR processing technology to create 4K UHD images on your screen, and HDR10 compatibility provides bright, vibrant colors with compatible sources and content. It features a built-in web browser for easy navigation and content searching with the included remote control. Integrated Wi-Fi and HDBaseT connectivity provide internet access and allow you to mirror content from compatible smart devices.

Two HDMI inputs provide wired connectivity for your digital high-definition devices like cable boxes or Blu-ray players, and the two USB ports allow you to connect compatible drives for multimedia playback. The BU50NST has two 5W speakers built-in, plus a wired analog audio output, allowing you to listen to your source with nearly any system.

XPR Technology Projects UHD Resolution

XPR technology combines image processing with the ability of the DMD's mirrors to shift at the microsecond level to allow each mirror to project multiple pixels per frame, creating a 4K UHD image from an otherwise non-UHD chip.

Designed for Realistic Image Quality

With an on-screen resolution of up to 4K UHD and image projection up to 300", you can project large, vivid, bright images.

Designed for Flexible Installation

With lens shift and 1.6x zoom, you can install the projector nearly anywhere and set the screen to the proper size and location. With HDBaseT compatibility, the ProBeam can use a single cable to carry UHD video, audio, Ethernet, control, USB, and up to 100W of power.

12-Point Warping Function

Adjust the screen distortion and set up a more precisely shaped screen using the 12-point warping function.

Compact Design

The UHD 5000 features a compact design to help it blend into your work space.

Smart Functionality with Wi-Fi Connectivity

The UHD 5000 can connect to Wifi for access to online streaming content. You can even browse the web with the built-in web browser and mirror your compatible smart device with Miracast.

Engineered to Last

The UHD 5000 uses a laser diode designed to produce bright images for up to 20,000 hours, providing up to seven years of use running at eight hours per day.

Additional Features

  • 100" images at 9.4 to 15.2' throw distances
  • 16:9, Original, 4:3, Vertical Zoom, and All-Direction Zoom (digital) aspect ratio modes
  • LD & P/W laser light sources
  • Bluetooth (with speaker)
  • TV Plus app for wireless content sharing from iOS & Android
  • Bluetooth audio out
  • Bluetooth AV Sync Adjustment
  • HID (keyboard, mouse, GamePad connection via USB)

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