PSB Alpha P5 Wins Product of the Year Award from Stereophile Cinema Architects

PSB Alpha P5 Wins Product of the Year Award from Stereophile

PSB Spakers Alpha P5 Stereophile Award 2019

 Since their debut at the beginning of 2019, PSB’s all-new Alpha Series loudspeakers have received widespread acclaim from both critics and music lovers alike. To cap off a year of celebration, PSB’s Alpha P5 bookshelf speaker has earned itself a Budget Component of the Year award from Stereophile.

Reviewed by John Atkinson, Stereophile highlighted the P5’s ability to “communicate the essence of music,” while noting its excellent performance. “A reviewer gets a buzz when he is auditioning a cost-no-object product that digs deep into the heart of his music,” says Atkinson. “But he gets an even bigger buzz when the component that is giving him so much musical satisfaction is priced within the reach of real people.”

Featuring breakthrough design that allows for incredible studio-quality sound, the Alpha P5 is able to easily express the full range of musical sounds with nothing taken away.


Read more in the December 2019 issue of Stereophile

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