Our Expert team

Our team comprises of experts in their field, some of the best in the country in fact. Skills development is of extreme importance to Cinema Architects.

We invest heavily in our staff ensuring they remain top of their game and leaders in their field of expertise. It’s an investment most companies are not willing to make due the enormous financial implication. By investing in our team we are investing in our future as an industry leader, our customers reap the benefits of having their projects designed and completed by an industry leader.

Highly trained & professional

We have the rare distinction of employing the first five South Africans accredited to the international Home Acoustic Alliance (HAA). Of those five, two are women— the only females worldwide that are HAA-qualified. The HAA is a professional training organization dedicated to home acoustics. Its purpose is to promote the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques specifically for the home.
Letitia Lourens is the company's electronic architect, while Riana Kriek is the interior cinema designer, who also acts as liaison between Cinema Architects, interior architects and designers.
Riana's HAA qualification allows her to bridge the gap between the art of the interior design and the technical know-how required to ensure the home cinema sounds and functions to the same high standard as that of the aesthetic design.
Recent training and seminars:

  • Attended the first ever Genelec Immersive Audio Experience in Bangkok 2019

  • Attended Cinema Design Masterclass at CEDIA Expo in Denver Colorado 2019

  • Attended Audio / Visual Training seminars at High-end Hi-Fi Show in Munich 2019

  • Attended every ISE show in Amsterdam from 2014 - 2020

Schalk Burger - The Visionary

Schalk Burger – A name today synonymous with cutting edge cinema design and trail blazing ideas. Red cinema recliners for example, although a popular feature today, it wasn’t until Schalk introduced it a few years ago. It’s forward thinking ideas like these that have propelled his company, Cinema Architects, far ahead of the competition.

Having completed his formal studies at North West University, Schalk went on to begin his formal career at Mittal Steel as an industrial engineer.

Wanting to a pursue his passion for Audio, Schalk eventually opened his own specialist AV business, quickly asserting himself in the industry as an innovative thinker always pushing the boundaries of conventional design. This didn’t stop him from continuing his formal studies in sound engineering, imaging and acoustics.

With a strong business acumen, Schalk has the ability to read and predict the audio-visual space better than anyone.This enables him to make these forward-thinking decisions well before any other player in the market, asserting himself and his business as a clear industry leader.

There’s a divine audio trinity between technical knowledge, modern technology and clean aesthetics. When these three are on par, magic happens! The one secret to Schalk’s success. All three are critically important, and all three shine through.

Today, the upper echelon of society has the privilege of experiencing Cinema Architects bespoke solutions to home cinema design, automated intelligent smart homes and boardrooms.

His passion for technology is complimented by his passion to employ technical industry leaders. Continuous training and investment in his team has allowed him to now boast that he employs the first five South Africans accredited to the international Home Acoustic Alliance (HAA), of those five, two are women – the only woman worldwide that are HAA-qualified.

His entire technical team are CEDIA qualified. Under Schalk’s’ leadership Cinema Architects has the proud bragging rights of being multi award winners including the highly prestigious CEDIA “Best Home Cinema Award”.

Cinema Architects has earned the respect of other industry associates and partners, of which are insurance firms such as Sedgewick Loss Adjustors (formerly known as Cunningham and Lindsey), Santam, Discovery Insure and Old Mutual Insure.

Schalk is also a Certified CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI), giving Internationally accredited training courses to Insurance Assessors, Consultants, Interior Designers and Architects. Passion for perfection, the love of technology and a drive to deliver the unexpected has been Schalk’s “force majeure” in this highly competitive industry.

Schalk Burger - CEO Cinema Architects

Scope of work

Home automation and cinema installation is technical complex work. It takes extreme knowledge of technical design and installation methodologies to get it right. This is where our investment in our technicians pays off. You can rest assured that every installation undertaken by Cinema Architects is of international standards with form and function fusing together beautifully.

Component racks, although never seen, get the same attention to detail as every other aspect of the installation. Even the type of cables used including colour, thickness and technical specification gets the same level of consideration as every component installed. Nothing is left to chance. Every aspect of the installation is meticulously planned out and executed.

In brief, Cinema Architects specialises in the planning, design, supply, installation, integration, concealment and control of automated electronic systems for the modern intelligent home.

 Scope of capabilities includes but is not limited to:

  • Dolby Home Theatre Systems in HD, 2k,4k and 8k.

  • Cinema Interior & Acoustic Design.

  • Automated intelligent smart homes and boardrooms.

  • Home Automation & Lighting control.

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