Dreamvision has over 30 years experience in the Home Cinema video technology.

Located in Paris and managed by Jean Claude YOUNES, this French company was born in 1982, being the First Company to import video projectors into the French Market.Jean-Claude YOUNES started in 1986 to import and distribute the Vidikron brand, developing an innovating marketing policy based on the slogan « Le Cinéma à la Maison » (The Home Cinema).

He established a strong retailers network in France, choosing them amongst the High End Hi-fi independent retail stores and Customs Installers.Using this rich 30 years experience and willing to share his passion for the Home Cinema, Jean Claude YOUNES decided to create his own brand in 1996, based on a simple concept :

  • To make people Dream, and so, to deliver High-End projectors.
  • To bring the Dream back Home, and so, to propose middle-range to high-end relatively "affordable" products.

First there was CRT

In the Middle of the 90's, the CRT technology was the only one able to display images with a quality worthy of our brand concept (high requirements in terms of color management, contrast ratio (CR) and cinema rendition for the Home Theater applications).

The World first DLP® Projector

That is really meaningful and lead to the involvement of every single employee for business orientation and decision making process. At CES 99, DreamVision showed its first single DLP™ projector (based on a ODM DAVIS AS platform), the DreamVision DL500.

DreamVision has been, on this occasion, the first company in the world to introduce a single DLP™ projector with a 3-segments colour wheel for Home Cinema use. For the very first time, a company was able to show an affordable projector able to display "true-to life" pictures, with a quality worthy of the big 3 guns CRTs !