Our success story

Our story spans 40 years, but with a difference... Technology and digital systems evolve at an exponential pace. To keep up with the latest trends, we invest heavily in developing and training our staff. This, coupled with an unrelenting quest for perfection, has been the driving force behind our journey spanning more than four decades and is evident in everything we do. We are international award winners, with our designs being internationally recognized, one of the only South African companies to have achieved this. We have proudly won a CEDIA International Award for the Best Home Cinema. We were also invited to participate in the Design et al. International Design & Architecture Awards, in which we won International "Best Home Cinema" in 2021/22. Hardly a month later, we took Gold honors at the CEPro international awards for the same project.CEDIA is the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, an international trade organization spanning three continents with a global membership of over 3500 companies.

Our Accolades

  • Winner: CEDIA Awards, Best Home Cinema Under £40 000 (House Msibi)
  • Finalist: CEDIA Awards, Best Home Cinema Under £40 000 (House Colgate)
  • Finalist: International Design & Architecture Awards (House Orwell)Finalist: International Design & Architecture Awards (House Sandile)
  • Finalist: CEDIA Awards, Best Home Cinema £40 000 - £100 000 (House Friedlein)
  • Finalist: CEDIA Awards, Best Home Cinema £40 000 - £100 000 (House Thokozani)

  • Winner: design et al, best Home Cinema Internationally
  • Winner" CePro, Gold Award, Best Home Cinema
Cinema Architects Awards

Attention to every detail

In brief, Cinema Architects specializes in planning, designing, supplying, installing, integrating, concealing, and controlling automated electronic systems for the modern intelligent home. Scope of capabilities includes but is not limited to:

  • Dolby Home Theatre Systems in HD, 2k,4k, and 8k.
  • Cinema Interior Design & Acoustic Design
  • Automated intelligent smart homes and boardrooms.
  • Home Automation & Lighting control.
  • Security, Surveillance, and Access control.
  • Multi-Room systems – Audio & Visual Distribution.
  • Cinema Furniture, fixtures & fittings.
  • Acoustic panels & accessories