Cinema Architects wins International "Best Home Cinema" Award Cinema Architects

Cinema Architects wins International "Best Home Cinema" Award

For over 12 years now, The International Design & Architecture Awards have supported the global interior design and architecture industry and brought together an elite group of companies and are constantly regarded as “the pinnacle of recognition within the industry.”

design et al only work with the world’s leading designers and as such only shortlist the projects that showcase the absolute pinnacle of design. Shortlisted projects are then able to collect public votes.

Only the best designers in the world consider entering their work for an award by design et al since the standard is extremely high and entrants are from across the globe.

Cinema Architects entered a Home Cinema project called “Cinema Brunnock”.

“One of the client’s challenging requests was to have a bed at the front of the cinema. It is a young family with two children and they enjoy spending weekends in the cinema as well as having sleep-overs of friends in the cinema. Thus, on the audio calculation of the “sweet spot” we had to ensure that the front row seating enjoyed the best sound - as the client does not entertain much and requested that the cinema sound be more concentrated/focused at the front row seating” explains Cinema Architects CEO, Schalk Burger.

The residence is built next to a dam with high water levels and a lot of waterproofing was done in the basement, where the cinema is located. It is a concrete basement and it was not allowed to drill into the concrete, floor, side walls or the roof. So, it was required to build a room in a room or a sub-frame that is stand-alone. The second biggest challenge was the roof that was very low - much lower than was the norm according to standards and the sub-frame also took up some space.

Extreme attention and planning went into the design of the sub-frame as not to take up more height than what was absolutely necessary.

The interior design was one of absolute comfort, homeliness, class and comfort. Everything was designed by Cinema Architects, from the cinema chairs, wall cladding, floors, fittings and textures. All this was achieved exactly to the customers’ requirements having to overcome serious obstacles.

“The design et al award is an important one for us. It proves not only are we technically one of the best companies in the industry, but our design team have now proved it can compete with the best in the world too. Cinema Brunnock has now won 2 awards, one for technical achievement and now for design. This is important to interior designers since they prefer working with companies who understand design at a very high level. With this award, we’ve proved we can do just that” says Schalk Burger.

Cinema Architects is an industry leader in home cinema and home automation with no less than 5 CEDIA qualified installers on their expert team. Cinema Architects creates bespoke home cinemas designed specifically for the space provided with a full turnkey solution.

Cinema Architects has been in business for 41 years winning various awards over this time and recognized as South Africa’s authority on home cinema and home automation installations.

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