Theatre of Dreams Design Challenge

Step right up to the stage of creativity at the Cinema Architects "Theatre of Dreams" Design Challenge! We're inviting you to unleash your inner design maverick and craft the ultimate home cinema experience. It's time to let your imagination run wild and turn dreams into reality!

Here's how it will work:

1. Embark on an epic adventure at the home cinema workshop hosted by Cinema Architects, where you'll be mentored by industry titans and armed with all the tools you need to conquer the design realm.

2. Dive into the depths of creativity as you conduct your own research and fashion a home cinema masterpiece inspired by the blueprints provided.

3. Take center stage and submit your entry, showcasing your ingenuity and flair for cinematic design to the world!

How to enter

1. Complete the online entry form here

2. Make an appointment to attend the two hour workshop

3. Submit your entry in person or via email to

Cinema Architects Design Challenge
Terms & Conditions
  1. The design challenge is open to any designer 10 years or less in the industry or working as a professional designer.
  2. The design challenge is not open to students, you must have completed your studies and already be working in the industry.
  3. The competition is not open to franchised design houses, international design houses or long standing design houses. This is an opportunity for young designers wanting to establish themselves. Cinema Architects reserves the right to exclude any such design houses.
  4. You must attend the workshop at Cinema Architects to qualify as an entrant.
  5. The use of AI is not allowed.
  6. You must submit a set of drawings in DWG or Pdf. that are correct to the point where your design can be built. Therefore it must be technically correct.
  7. At least one render must be submitted.
  8. If interviewed, you must be able to explain your design and it's technicalities.
  9. The judges decision is final.
  10. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.
  11. By entering you agree to have your name and photograph published in the press and social media.
  12. You may be disqualified at any time if you bring the name of Cinema Architects or their partners into disrepute.
  13. Your work must be your own, disqualification may occur if the judges find the design is plagiarised. 
  14. Five finalists will be chosen before a final winner is chosen.
  15. Cinema Architects reserve the right to sell the winning design to its client base. All proceeds from the sale will be forwarded to the winner, excl VAT.

Design Considerations

  1. Consider theme based design
  2. Technology integration
  3. Space Optimization
  4. Environmental Sustainability
  5. Cinematice Experience
  6. Customization and personalization
  7. Accessibility
  8. Budget considerations
  9. Interactive elements

Cinema Architects Design Challenge

 The Prize

Hold onto your seats, folks, because we've teamed up with the coolest crew in town—Elan Systems, Rako, Genelec, Samsung, Consentino and Bluesound—to deliver a prize package that'll transform your humble lounge into a haven of auditory and visual bliss!
Picture this: Your lounge, now a sanctuary of sound and sight, thanks to the latest and greatest gadgets designed for the modern home.Let's break it down:
  • Feast your eyes on the magnificent 55" Samsung Frame TV. This 4k wonder isn't just for movie nights—it's a canvas for digital art from the world's top galleries. With its sleek matte display, it's practically indistinguishable from a real painting!
  • Pump up the jams with Genelec's 2.1 audio system, featuring two G1 active monitors and an F1 Subwoofer. Straight outta Finland, Genelec is the cream of the crop, trusted by our award-winning cinemas.
  • Enter Bluesound's award-winning Node Music streamer, your ticket to high-res tunes and movie marathons in stunning fidelity. But wait, there's more! They're throwing in their portable speaker, the Pulse Flex 2i, for a seamless audio experience that extends beyond your lounge.
  • Get ready to set the mood with Elan Systems SA and Rako's wireless lighting control system. With just a tap, you'll unlock a world of lighting scenes to suit every vibe.
  • From Consentino, an Action Coach training session to assist new and/or young business owners to build their business, customer base and brand!
And the cherry on top? Our Cinema Architects dream team will handle the entire installation and provide expert training on your shiny new audio and lighting setup.
But wait, there's a bonus prize! Your winning design might just land you a sweet deal with a Cinema Architects client, earning you up to R60,000 in proceeds!
Get ready to rock your lounge like never before—this prize package is the stuff of dreams are made of!