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If you’re looking for higher playback levels and more low frequency extension, the Genelec G Four offers an exquisite balance of sonic purity and energy - making it perfect for larger spaces.

Available in Black, White & RAW. Please call to verify availability

Power and precision

The Genelec G Four is designed to bring out the finest details and nuances of your favourite music and movies, allowing you to experience content exactly the way the creators intended it, even in challenging acoustic environments. You’ll hear things that you’ve never heard before, yet with its generous SPL of 105 dB and low frequency extension right down to 41 Hz, the Genelec G Four can match that precision with an abundance of power.

Getting active

The active design of the Genelec G Four removes the need for bulky external power amplifiers, since the amplifiers are contained within the speaker cabinet itself. Not only does this give you high quality internal amplifiers that are totally optimised for the drivers they are feeding, but it also means that you can simply hook up your sound source directly to the Genelec G Four for clean, uncompromised performance. And with our simple room compensation switches, you can tailor the sound of the Genelec G Four for your own unique acoustic environment, ensuring truthful sound wherever you choose to listen.

Technical SpecificationS


105 dB

Amplifier Power

90 W Bass (Class AB) + 90 W Treble (Class AB)

Frequency Response

41 Hz - 25 kHz ("-6 dB")

Accuracy of Frequency Response

± 2.5 dB (48 Hz - 20 kHz)

Driver Dimensions

 165 mm Bass +  19 mm Treble 


H 365 x W 237 x D 223 mm, with Iso-Pod™ 


8.6 kg / 19.0 lb


1 x RCA Analog Input

1 x XLR Analog Input

Package contains:

1 x G Four speaker
1 x mains cable 1,8 m
1 x user manual

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