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There are plenty of excellent home theater receivers out there, including some high-end models from NAD. But to get the best sound and picture possible, building a system of “separates” (including a dedicated preamp/processor) is the way to go. NAD’s Master Series M17 V2i is one the finest options available.

Why choose a “pre/pro” over a receiver?

The major difference between this unit and a traditional home theater receiver is that there’s no internal amplification inside. This removes the heat and noise generated during amplification, which helps improve the quality of what you see and hear.

You’ll connect the NAD M17 V2i to your choice of external power amps, using either balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA) cables. I highly recommend using XLR connections if your amps support them, because they cancel out potential noise and help feed your amp the cleanest, strongest signal possible.

Immersive, lifelike sound and picture

One reason the M17 V2i performs so well is the advancement of “object-based” surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos, which place sound effects in space around you with pinpoint accuracy.

The M17 V2i excels at decoding and processing Atmos-encoded soundtracks. You’ll hear the movie’s score and special effects above, behind, in front of, and beside you — just like you would in an actual theater.

This pre/pro’s advanced video processing ensures a vivid, highly detailed picture with movies, sporting events, and video games. All HDMI inputs and one HDMI output support 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR10) video signals, so you can use it with confidence with your TV or projector-based home theater system.

Stay current as technology changes

The M17 V2i features NAD’s Modular Design Construction, which means that its digital inputs and outputs are installed on replaceable circuit boards. This lets you protect your investment by only replacing specific parts when technology evolves, rather than replacing the entire unit.

This is one of the big reasons why I’d choose this model over other pre/pros on the market. If there’s an advancement in HDMI technology, for example, you can upgrade that specific section of the unit rather than having to replace the entire machine.

Advanced room correction

The M17 V2i includes Dirac Live — one of the industry’s best room-correction platforms. This software-based system takes precise acoustic measurements of your room, and creates a customized correction curve that fine-tunes the output of your speakers and subwoofers. You get smooth, clear sound that’s uniquely tailored to your space.




Coaxial-0.5 Vpp

Ethernet-RJ45 10/100/1000 Ethernet


Input Impedance (R and C)-56kΩ + 220pF

Input Sensitivity-40mV (ref. 500mV out)

Maximum Input Signal->8Vrms

Signal/Noise Ratio, A-weighted->90dB (ref. 500mV in, 500mV out, volume set to unity gain)>80dB (ref. 2V out, volume maximum)

Channel Separation->70dB (ref. 1kHz / 10kHz)

Frequency Response-±0.3dB (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, Tone Active)±0.3dB (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, Tone Defeat)

Frequency Response (subwoofer out)-10 – 200Hz (ref. -3dB)



Maximum output level->8Vrms into 600Ω

THD (CCIF IMD, DIM 100)-<0.005% (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, 2V out)

Tone Controls

Treble | ±10dB at 10kHz (ref. 2V in, 2V out)

Bass | ±10dB at 100kHz (ref. 2V in, 2V out)


Standby power-<0.5W

Unit Dimension (WxHxD) – Gross*-435 x 156 x 386mm

17 1/8 x 6 3/16 x 15 1/4 inches**

Net Weight-10.9kg (24lb)

Shipping Weight-17.5kg (38.6lb)

Net Weight-9.7kg (21.4lb)

Shipping Weight-18.4kg (40.6 lb)

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