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Anthem MDX-12

In a market saturated with options, the Anthem MDX-12 stands out as the best choice for customers who demand both simplicity and excellence. It transforms the daunting task of powering distributed audio systems into a delightful, user-friendly experience, ensuring that customers not only get the best performance but also the most enjoyable journey with their music. The MDX-12 is more than a distribution amplifier; it’s a testament to Anthem’s commitment to delivering a superior audio experience, making it the perfect companion for those who seek the finest in both form and function.

Pure Anthem Power
With 75W x 12 channels at 8 ohms, or up to 150W x 12 channels at 4 ohms, MDX-12 brings the power, you just need to add control. Forgoing the built-in Matrix switching of its advanced siblings the MDX-8 and MDX-16, MDX-12 instead features 6 dedicated analog inputs assigned to each zone and 2 selectable global analog inputs. Simply add the sources or matrix of your choice and MDX-12 is ready to deliver true Anthem power to your speakers. While designed for distributed audio solutions, MDX-12’s robust power output also makes it suitable for adding extra channels of power to a Home Theatre system.

Compact Size, Mighty Output
Occupying just a single 1U rack space, the MDX-12 boasts a highly efficient compact power supply, capable of delivering up to 1,000-Watts within its sleek chassis. Engineered by Anthem, this amplifier is designed to accommodate various custom speaker setups, offering up to 75W at 8 ohms and 150W at 4 ohms across its 12 channels of power. For those seeking even greater power, the MDX-12 allows for channel bridging. When bridged, it delivers an impressive 280W at 8 ohms. Despite its potent performance, the MDX-12 remains cool under pressure thanks to its fan-cooled design, ensuring uninterrupted power delivery even in the most demanding scenarios.

Engineered for Superiority
Distribution amplifiers are often seen as generic or mass-produced commodity items that compromise on both design and quality. However, at Anthem, we prioritize performance above all else. This commitment is evident in the meticulous design and engineering of the MDX-12, a product crafted to deliver unparalleled audio quality tailored to custom install applications. With an impressive THD of 0.002% and a high-efficiency compact power supply capable of delivering up to 1,000 watts, the MDX-12 ensures a blend of superior quality and ample power, all while taking up minimal space, making it the ideal choice for your custom installation needs.

Built-in Protections for Uncompromised Performance
MDX-12 utilizes integrated amplifier chips with built-in safeguards, including protections against out-of-range current, temperature, and voltage conditions. Additionally, the amplifier features multiple thermal sensors strategically placed on the board to monitor temperature fluctuations. These protective measures ensure reliable performance and prevent damage to both the amplifier and connected speakers, making the MDX-12 suitable for distributed audio systems in diverse environments while maintaining optimal safety and quality standards.


Channels / Zones
12 channels / Up to 6 zones

Power Output RMS per Channel (8 Ohm)
75 Watts

Power Output RMS per Channel (4 Ohm)
150 Watts

High Output Mode (Bridged) RMS per Channel (8 Ohm)
280 Watts

Frequency Response
20Hz – 20kHz (±0.4dB) at 8 Ohm

Inputs (analog)
6x RCA pairs (left/right), 2x RCA pairs (buss left/right)

Inputs (trigger)
1x 3.5mm (5 – 24V DC/AC)

Outputs (speaker level)
6x removable Phoenix style (left/right) accommodate wire up to 12AWG

Outputs (other)
1x 3.5mm trigger loop, 2x RCA pairs (buss left/right)

Room Correction

Microphone (For room Correction)

IP Control (Via IP or RS-232)

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