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Bluesound Wireless Home Cinema Kit

This premium wireless home cinema kit from Bluesound is as good as it gets. With audiophile-like quality mixed with the simplicity of BluOS, this kit is aimed at the serious audiophile who wants a home cinema without compromising on audio quality.

This kit includes:

  • 2 x Bluesound Flex2i (rear speakers)
  • 1 x Bluesound Soundbar +
  • 1 x Bluesound Sub +


Break every sonic barrier and experience immersive three-dimensional sound with the PULSE SOUNDBAR+, the ultimate audiophile-grade soundbar for all your home entertainment needs. With an innovative virtual Dolby Atmos implementation, find yourself in the middle of the action, with every sound precisely positioned around you.

The FLEX 2i

Elevate your surround sound experience with the PULSE FLEX. The PULSE FLEX works seamlessly with the PULSE SOUNDBAR as rear channels to create a stunning soundstage.

The SUB+

Designed to fit beside, behind, or beneath your furniture, this compact wireless-powered subwoofer digs deeper and plays louder than its bulkier rivals. Complete your wireless home cinema with the PULSE SUB+.

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