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Rithum Switch is a beautifully designed smart home control panel that combines your lighting, audio and climate control into one simple touchscreen smart switch. The whole family can easily control the perfect lighting, sound and temperature settings without a smartphone, app or training. Works with Sonos, Philips Hue, Homey Pro & Fibaro Home Center 3.

Lighting control.

From within Rithum Switch, you can control lighting levels at Group Level, for example all lights in the Kitchen Group, or at individual device level. Simply use the toggles to switch groups or devices on or off, then use the sliders to adjust the levels as required.

Scene control.

Bring your home to life with a simple touch. Rithum Switch can display up to 8 of your favourite scenes on one easy to access screen. You can even group multiple scenes into one scene button for ultimate control of your smart home.


Music control.

Adjust your music as easily as the lights. The Rithum Switch audio screen presents the controls you need most. Select a zone, pick a track or playlist and even control volume. Works with your favourite streaming services (including Spotify) and Sonos speakers.


Climate control.

Using the built-in temperature sensor, Rithum Switch offers a full suite of climate control functions. Easily triger your heating using a smart relay via your smart hub. It also offers full climate control through integrations such as Fibaro Climate or Tado.


Gesture control.

When the Rithum Switch screen is in standby, a short hold toggles the lights or a double tap gets your music playing. Easily setup which room you want to toggle with the hold gesture. The double tap gesture will play/pause the last selected audio zone.

Easy installation.

24V DC or 240V AC.


Rithum Switch is designed to be mounted into a plaster wall or wood surface just like an ordinary light switch. Best of all, it can be powered by low-voltage 24V DC (DIY installation) or 240V AC (requires a licensed electrician). Once installed, it will connect to your Wi-Fi network… and then the fun begins!

Easy setup.

Everything is done on-screen.


The configuration of Rithum Switch has been made as simple as possible. No additional app, no web browser – everything is done on-screen.

The finer details



Input rating: 12-30VDC / 100 - 240V~AC 50/60Hz
Input current max: 260mA
Wiring: Parallel (neutral required)
Standby power: 0.7W
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz 802.11bgn (Wi-Fi 4)
Environment: For indoor use only (-15c to 45c)
Approvals: Fully complies with Australian standards (RCM) and electrical safety compliance
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