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Yamaha SR-B30A 120W 2.1-Channel Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofers

Experience 3D immersive sound with the SR-B30A 120W 2.1-Channel Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofers from Yamaha. When connecting to a compatible TV via HDMI ARC/eARC, the SR-B30A uses Dolby Atmos decoding and Yamaha True Sound technology to envelope you in sound from the latest video games, streaming video, and Blu-ray discs. Additionally, a digital optical input is available for Dolby Digital sources without Atmos, and a Bluetooth 5.1 wireless input provides 2-channel wireless streaming from compatible devices. Dual built-in subwoofers help enhance the bass, or use the subwoofer output to connect a standard wired subwoofer. Control the system and adjust the settings with the included remote or free mobile app for iOS and Android.

True Sound + Dolby Atmos

Developed from the ground up with Yamaha True Sound engineering, the SR-B30A draws on all Yamaha knows about sound and sound field creation. The precision-crafted speaker drivers and advanced audio reproduction technology employed by the SR-B30A, combined with Dolby Atmos, create a sound field that envelops and transports you deeper into your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and music.

Yamaha Clear Voice

Do you find it hard to hear TV dialogue? Yamaha's Clear Voice technology makes human voices more audible. Hear every word - from YouTube videos to movies and shows, especially when background music and sound effects try to take center stage.

Personalized Sound

The SR-B30A gives you several ways to customize the sound to your content and personal taste. Choose from four Sound Modes, adjust the subwoofer level with an independent control on the remote, and dial in the EQ just the way you like it using tone controls in the mobile app. With four different sound modes, you can match the sound to your content and mood. Stereo mode works great for music and podcasts. Standard mode is ideal for TV programs. Try Game mode to immerse yourself in your latest battle, and use Movie mode to create an expansive theater experience.
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