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Yamaha SR-X50A True X Soundbar + WS X1A Surround

Yamaha's True X series is revolutionary in home entertainment, setting new standards for sound experiences. The True X sound bars and True X speakers work in harmony to create an astonishingly authentic surround sound that can transform your listening environment at the touch of a button.

This fully integrated system offers a unique, truly wireless surround sound experience, dubbed as True X Surround. This system is exclusively created by Yamaha, and it manages to deliver an authentic and lifelike sound that enhances your listening experience regardless of the content. Whether you're watching movies, listening to music, or playing games, Yamaha's True X series immerses you in a world of unparalleled sound.

Yamaha's True X series takes the concept of home theater to a new level. Imagine immersing yourself in your favorite movies and music, not only in one specific part of your home, but wherever you wish. With the innovative design of the True X sound bars and True X surround speakers (not included, but to be purchased separately), you get a flexible and immersive true surround sound experience.

These components connect wirelessly and can be freely placed anywhere in your home to create the optimal soundscape. There are no limits to your listening experience. With Yamaha's True X series, your home is transformed into a true sound theater, giving you the freedom to unleash your sound and immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment wherever you are.

Yamaha's True X series is a groundbreaking approach to home sound, with features that take you beyond the traditional soundscape and into a world of spacious and lively sound. The incredibly wide soundstage is created by high-placed units, carefully selected by Yamaha's sound engineers. These units generate a three-dimensional sound field, creating a spatial depth that surpasses anything other manufacturers offer.

The True X bar 50A is equipped with a wireless subwoofer that adds a rich and powerful bass. The result is a sonic experience that transforms your room into a sound universe you can actually feel. Every aspect of the True X bar 50A is designed with the aim of achieving authentic sound. From the back chamber to the uniquely designed bass reflex port, and even the fabric used, every single detail is chosen for its ability to reproduce the finest nuances in sound.

Yamaha's Clear Voice technology makes it easier to hear dialogue on your TV, ensuring that you never miss a word, even when background music and sound effects threaten to take over. With four different sound modes - stereo, standard, game, and movie - you can tailor the sound to your content and your mood.

Finally, the Sound Bar Controller app makes it easy to operate your Yamaha sound bar with your smartphone or tablet, providing a convenient and intuitive user experience.

Watch this video on how to set up this system.

System includes: 

1 x SR-50A True X Sound bar with sub woofer
2 x WS X1A Surround/Solo speakers

• True X Surround (True X speakers, sold separately, are required to play content with True X surround).
• Dolby Atmos®
• Built-in Alexa
• Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, and Tidal Connect
• HDMI eARC (out), HDMI input, Bluetooth® and optical connection
• Clear Voice for improved dialogue quality
• Bass extension for better bass reproduction
• External subwoofer for realistic and richly structured bass
• Remote control and Sound Bar Controller app, providing easier and detailed access to your soundbar. 

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